AOA as promotional models for mobile RPG ‘Fantasy Hero’ & newly launched gel polish product ‘N.O.Q Trick GEL’


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AOA Seolhyun & Kang Haneul for 2014 F/W Buckaroo Jeans


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sehun-phobia said: Hello, could you pls tell me the tumblr/twitter account that updates AOA schedules? Thank chu~

this blog.

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Anonymous said: what are some good youtube channels to subscribe too if we want to keep up with videos on aoa?

just search for AOA Heyday on youtube. there’s many of them actually with same logo but different color. different heyday channel uploads different vids. like one channel uploads music shows, another uploads radio show and so on. sorry i can’t provide exact links coz i’m on my mobile

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AOA Seolhyun for 2014 F/W Buckaroo Jeans

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AOA Seolhyun for Buckaroo Seolhyun Down Jumper


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AOA Seolhyun as exclusive model for MIZUNO KOREA 2014 F/W Season ‘(SNOW GEAR)’


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Anonymous said: hi, do you know any mina biased blogs that i can follow that updates regularly?

i don’t know any blogs tbh coz i don’t follow any…sorry!

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Anonymous said: can you tell me more about hyejeong ? like, how is her personality, with who she share her room in the dorm. do you know some of her fansites ?

Personality wise, from what I can see from tv shows and fancams, she seems to have a lot of (natural) aegyo, can be sexy when needed(? lol), pretty random (watch let’s dance with aoa on 1theK yt channel. she casually told people when was the last time she was in a relationship).

She shares same room with Seolhyun & Jimin

She don’t have an individual fansite yet. most girl group fansites are mutifandom so most photos of Hyejeong are taken by them. you can go check out my twitter @FYAOA following list for the list of fansites

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AOA Seolhyun for 2014 F/W Buckaroo Jeans

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