Anonymous said: when aoa debut ~__~

August 9th 2012

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Anonymous said: Can you upload AOA's Under The Streetlights onto 4shared?? I wanna download it so badly but I can't upload to 4shared because my laptop is down and I can't find the link to download it anywhere :(

have u look for it at k2nblog or dlkpopalbums site? i think there are lots of kpop sites that share download links for all their songs/albums. i cant upload anything coz my laptop died. sorry!

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Anonymous said: Do you know what the AOA couple names are?

like those used by kfans? i dont know any. sorry >.

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Anonymous said: Did youkyung find the key and a moon stone to evolve to full angel?????

A moon stone..random. somehow it reminds me of Sailormoon

Youkyoung lookin fine with her new hair colour tho!

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Anonymous said: So AOA Black... and AOA White. Does this mean all 8 members = AOA Grey? Like which grey? 50 shade of grey?

anon pls….

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Anonymous said: Have you noticed Yuna is getting thinner and thinner? T^T (maybe also because she lost her cheek fats) she don't look that healthy to me now and I'm really worried. The other members are looking healthy except for Yuna.. I missed the Confused and Miniskirt Yuna where she looked cute, pretty and healthy. I hope she takes good care of herself! u_u

She does look thinner compared to before but still looks least from how i see it, she don’t look sickly thin. maybe she lost her baby fats. but i do worried that they didnt get much sleep and eat well due to crazy schedules. they’re debuting in Japan in less than 2 months so probably they do late night dance practices. i hope, at least they consumed enough vitamins & supplements so they wont get sick :/

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Anonymous said: What's the otp name for yuna x hyejeong??? :o

i dont know. YuJeong? lol

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unknownpower said: I've noticed that Chanmi is always wearing a bracelet and it seems handcrafted, do you have any idea if there is a meaning? ;; She's such a cutie!

i’m not sure. maybe a fangift that she really like?

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Anonymous said: You don't post much actual stuff but its pretty cool that you reply to anons. It is a welcome change from the other AOA blogs. Peace.

Yeah it’s a bit difficult to post stuff here since my laptop died. I can only post some photos here and reply some asks. I’m currently active on twitter tho if u haven’t follow me yet. Anything latest about AOA will be updated on my twitter (@FYAOA) thanks ^^

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Anonymous said: Hi! I wanna ask. Is Youkyung still a part if AOA?is she still in FNC?I wonder what's she doing lately,because there're no activities for AOA Black. I miss her so much T^T

yes she’s still a part of AOA and she’ll only be active if FNC decided to let AOA Black do something.. she’s currently taking a music degree at Yewon Arts University (i assume coz this is what & where she applied for before in a news article)

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